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2 Riders  6 Continents  8 Wheels

E-Traction – The Trip is a new adventure by electric mobility insider Susanne Brüsch, “Lady Pedelec”, who has been an ebike ambassador for over 20 years, and all-round talent Silvio Züllig, who has been on the road by motorcycle for decades. As two-wheel-proven travellers we have now joint forces to set out for the biggest trip of our lives.


E-Traction – The Trip will (hopefully …) take us to all continents where we will discover and explore the world’s finest and most spectacular ebike routes. Besides the 4 wheels of our bikes, a 4WD truck is serving as our mobile home and “base camp”. This is where we live, work, maintain our bikes and charge their batteries with solar energy. 

We are happy to share with you what we see, feel and learn about the countries we pass, the people we meet, the gear and technology we use.


We are thrilled by the contrast between untouched wilderness and prominent skylines of vibrant cities. And we link the polarity of nature and high-tech in the way we live, work and travel. 

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