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Susanne Brüsch 

Starting E-Traction – The Trip, a dream has come true–to travel the world on an electric bike.


I've worked in ebikes for over 22 years and documented how this new market evolved from the very beginning. While focussing on international communications, PR, research and networking, I was also involved in product testing, consulting, event organization and visited trade shows all over the globe. 

While still studying languages at the University of Heidelberg, I coined the term “pedelec” (pedal electric cycle) in 1999. Publishing pedelec in the leading bike bike media opened the door for my professional path as a journalist. 


When the first e-mountainbikes entered the market, I set out for long-distance rides in 2011 to test the products and technology involved and to show in desert, mountains, steppe and snow, how an e-bike can literally open new horizons – to everyone. My adventures in Morocco, Mongolia, Iceland and the USA were not only once-in-a-lifetime experiences which I happily share in multi-media lectures, editorial articles and through the channels of my own label – Pedelec Adventures. These trips have given me the privilege to combine my passion for outdoor sports, photography and travel with my profession as a cross-cultural communicator, content creator and ambassador for e-mobility on who wheels.


Three years ago, I met Silvio and found him to be the perfect companion to start an even bigger adventure! 

Silvio Züllig

Silvio Züllig

Out of a cosmopolitan family, I had the privilege to travel worldwide since my early childhood, and was growing up multi-lingual. From young man’s age on, I pursued my passion for traveling in multiple ways. I travelled by motorcycle over 30 years in Europe and beyond, I also back-packed to different parts of the world, mainly South-East-Asia.

My professional development was initiated by a commercial education, followed by long-time experience in sales, marketing, administration, accounting, logistics and facility management.
In addition to that, a period of my life I worked as a dive instructor in South-East-Asia, went through some education and teaching experience in body movement, exercise and dance, up to stage performances.

Talent and meeting challenges in the technical sector complete my capacities and make me being a distinct professional all-rounder with versatile experience.

Magically, it seems that achieving every single of all those skills over a lifetime happened in purpose to meet the challenges of the project E-Traction - The Trip… - but, it wasn’t! It is rather a „fateful coincidence“ that the sum of all I know and can will contribute to the best possible success of E-Traction the Trip.

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